Why Do An International Internship

Why Do An International Internship

Ever wondered how it would be to intern abroad? What if I tell you, it will change your perspective to see the world, will make you more reflective and a global candidate?


Yes, I am saying the above as I am also interning abroad (in Hong Kong) and things started changing the day I landed here (hopefully it was my birthday). Internships are the best way to start your professional career with a lot of fun and learnings. You’re a student or recent graduate of Hotel Management, Engineering, Finance, Business and you have to intern for a set of hours or months in order to get the credits or certificate. Well, why not use this opportunity to go abroad?

You’re a student or a recent graduate of Hotel Management, Engineering, Finance, Business and you have to intern for a set of hours or months in order to get the credits or certificate. Well, why not use this opportunity to go abroad?

In this post, I’ll be showing you how an international internship is going to meet your travel dreams and professional skills. Without further ado, let’s get into the article.


Work Experience

Well, this part is common for every internship but what will be the difference is working in a diverse environment, with not in the comfort zone of speaking your mother tongue. An international internship will give you a chance to work with different nationalities and at the same time, it will differentiate your resumes from the other competitors.


Develop Global Skills

According to many employers, the graduates straight out of the universities or schools lack soft skills which are required to perform well in the job. An overseas experience will help you to hone these skills and you will have ample opportunities to see and learn from other experienced colleagues.


Boost Your Confidence

You’re the topper of your batch, a gold medal champion or else, where do you stand if you don’t have enough confidence?

The internship in any of the foreign city will bring you close to people there. They would like to know about and you likewise. Those people surrounding you will improve your confidence as well as your communications.


Learn A New Language

Interning in a country which speaks a different language than your native one can be difficult as well as daunting. Having said that, it might be difficult in the beginning to face the language barriers, but once you have started growing some interest in the language you will find it interesting and fun.

Learning Spanish, French, Mandarin or some other international languages will require an investment of your time, but after having the fluency you will never regret and will be earning at least 5-10% more than your peers.



How many times have you seen this word in the Job Description of a position?

In your home country, you are in your comfort zone with chances of being adaptable is too low. But when you are in a different country, you’ll be experiencing a totally new culture, foods, language, people, and life.

It would be hard in the starting, you may not like the food, may not understand the language, might not fit to their culture but still if you have some time to spend there and if you put some efforts then believe me,  things will back to the track and because you have experienced each of them, they are gonna make you more adaptable than you were in the beginning. And once learned, it would be with you lifelong.


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Communication & International Friends

For me interning abroad is a great way to improve my communication skills. Here I have made a lot of friends and I can observe my communication is improving and I believe it would be much better afterward.

You will have great opportunities to make friends all around the world and communicating with them is going to improve your skills day by day.



I know for some people interning abroad is more like travel and exploring the city. To be honest, an international internship gives you a chance to explore, learn and enjoy and live like you always have wished. After completing your business days, on your weekend you can go to hiking, sightseeing, try different cuisines or may go to a theme park. Well, you will have a lot of Fun.


Why Do An International Internship
A great hiking on weekend with friends in Hong Kong( Me first from the right)


Develop Global Network

Don’t believe me, go and ask your seniors or your teachers that what is the best way to get into an industry or to land your dream job. Most of them will tell you having a great network will help you a lot and having that network might make it a lot easier for you.

In today’s cut-throat competition and unemployment, if you are lacking in networking then you have to focus on this term very seriously. An international internship will give you a lot of chances to meet new people, go to the events of the company and here is your chance to build your network.

After that, you can network with the people in your company who are working in the different departments than yours. LinkedIn would be my first suggestion to follow and never hesitate to ask a person you meet, is on LinkedIn or not. I always follow this thing and literally I have got few more connections.


Enjoy A Lifelong Experience

Interning abroad is not just like do your job, complete your internship, get your certificate and back to your country. Rather, it’s an experience that you will never forget. The day you have had a problem here, the day you tried a new food, the day you met a new people, everything is going to be more than enough and you will start crossing items from your bucket list. If you will ask me, then without a hesitation, I will suggest you go and see a different world.


Don’t forget to share your views or questions in the comment box. I would love to help you in your quries.

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