Hotel Internship in Hong Kong: Here’s The Secret Of Getting One

Paid Hotel Internship Abroad

Is it possible to get a Paid Hotel Internship Abroad without spending any money on agencies?

Yes, it is, and I will explain how.

I know many of you are struggling and finding ways to start your internship abroad.

Let me tell you, I was in the same position a year before. I was frustrated, impatient and mad on myself.

Wasn’t really able to think what I was doing.

Since I had just one short internship, it was difficult for me to compete with those students who already got some experiences and are from a reputable hotel school.

But I keep on applying for more and more hospitality internships and in no time, I figured out that I applied for more than 1000 hotels in more than 10 different countries (China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Britain, South Africa, Belgium, Russia, Australia, United Arab Emirates (including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ras-al Khaimah, Sharjah & Ajman), Oman, Qatar and the Philippines.)

Here in this post, I will be helping you to plan your further strategy to land your Paid Hotel Management Internship Abroad.

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Okay, so you are on the way to start your career or looking to land a graduate internship slash position abroad.

Starting from an internship would be a more straightforward way to do it as the requirements are not significant.

Having said that you have to keep in mind, you will be competing with the people around the world, not just your college or the university but all the colleges, schools and the universities around the world.

As you already have taken a good step by reading this article, I don’t want you to end up your job search with a scam job offer. As scamming interns for paid opportunity is very easy.

But does that mean you can’t land hotel internships in your favourite destination or country?

Of course, you can!

When I can do it, anybody else can.

So what you have to do is follow a well-planned strategy that you will apply all the way long until you land a job.

When it comes to applying for internships, there could be several ways of getting in touch with the employer, but I like the cold-calling method the most.

The reason I love this way in getting touch with the hotel is it’s more personal and indicates that the candidate is super excited to join the organisation.

Just imagine, when the hiring manager picks up the call, and you introduce yourself to be far from thousands of miles, the employer would be amazed. Won’t you, if you would be the employer?

So, before you get into calling the hotels individually and randomly, my advice will be to make a full-fledged list of the hotels where you have to apply.

To start getting in touch with the hotels, you would consider using WeChat Out function. Get some credits, and you’re all set for calling to different hotels.

Here’s a template for calling to the hotel for internship vacancy:


My name is (YourName), and I am calling from (your country), and I would like to know if you would be hiring interns at your hotel?

I am currently graduating from (your school/university) and would be available from (your availability)

Once you had a word with the hiring person, your goal should be to get their email address.

If you could get the name of the person you talked with, then it’s fantastic.

Your next step is to draft a cover letter, explaining why you’re interested and what you could do at the position.

Here’s an example of a cover letter that I used, utilize it, make it your own by tweaking it a bit.


While you’re calling every hotel, expand your search horizons and start optimizing your LinkedIn profile and get atleast all the stars.


There are more than 450 million people using Linkedin every day, the chances of getting your first internship is higher.

Do not leave any empty spaces, when you can probably use it to sell your candidature.

Make sure all the sections are filled and completed.

* Have a professional headshot
* Complete your headline
* Fill your description (describe yourself, be creative here)
* Put your certifications if any
* Get recommendations
* Ask people to endorse you for your skillsets
* Optimize your LinkedIn URL

Keep doing until you get all stars like this:


Alright! So you now have called many hotels, and you’re waiting for their response. What should be your next step?


Yes, follow up! You have to have prioritised the time for following up on the previous applications that you sent..

It is essential as even I got my internship after following up. I landed many interviews after following up. After completing my internship at Park Hotel Hong Kong, I now feel what if I haven’t followed up?.

So don’t forget following up on your application. You can use this simple template:


Warmest Greetings!

Last week I talked with Mr/Ms( put the person’s name) and sent my CV regarding the internship. I am very excited about interning at (put the hotel name). I would like to follow up on my application and would love to know if we can have an interview this coming week?

Thank you so much, and I would be looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards,

Your Name

Recap of the above:
*Make a list of hotels you wanted to apply
*Get credits on your WeChat
*Start calling hotels and get their emails
*Follow up on your previous applications
*Optimize and network with people
*Repeat the steps until you land a Paid Hotel Internship Abroad

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Wrapping it up…

Not every hotel comes every month or twice or even every single year with a hotel internships vacancy.

But that never means they don’t hire. Most of the hirings are done internally and by the endorsement of the schools.

If you didn’t find any vacancy, get in touch with your school training coordinator or the placement coordinator.

Focus on building real relationships with people. Your senior could just help you get hired at the company, he/she might be working for.

But that all depends on how you are making good relationships.

If none of these helps, comment me below. If you liked reading then also let me know by commenting.


All the best!



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