How To Make Powerful LinkedIn Profile

Nowadays most of the recruiters are using social media to cope up with their recruitment needs, and in getting a high potential candidate with less or no marketing fee and with minimum efforts, LinkedIn has proved itself to be the best in this segment. Despite these, some people are still skeptical about using LinkedIn and they are indirectly losing a great opportunity to build a professional network. If used efficiently LinkedIn can be a game changer in your job hunt and networking.

In this post, I’m going to show How To Make Powerful LinkedIn Profile To Get Hired. And believe me, this is from my personal experiments on LinkedIn, and I’ve got many positive results that have led me to interviews. Anyways, let’s get started from the very first step.


Your Picture

It is crucial for your profile to have a good professional image. If you left this section and move ahead, then let me tell you the person who will visit your profile will probably move ahead from your profile. Same huh? You only need a good headshot of yours, and that’s it. So if you still don’t have a professional looking photo, then grab a one. Remember your profile picture is yours first selling point, and you don’t want to mess with this one.



Your headline is your second selling point of your profile. If you haven’t bothered it after making your account on LinkedIn then by default it will show your current position at your company or if you are a student then Student at so and so. But do you know LinkedIn has given us 120 words for this section, and it is up to you to make it catchy, attractive or to left it as it is?

Consider telling about your speciality and speak to your audience directly. If you’re looking for a new challenge, then this is your chance to let others know about your search. By putting right keywords in your headline section, it will ensure you that your profile comes first when searched for the same keyword on LinkedIn.

Fill out the summary

I know you might feel tedious in filling this part. Well, I felt the same in the starting, but after understanding the importance of summary, I invested some time in writing a summary for myself. The summary of your profile is your selling point number three. It helps others to understand what you do and why are you different from the second person. Instead of copying and pasting it from others profile you must invest some time writing your own. This is the greatest selling point for your skills, and you can amaze the person by telling a great story. ( Aladdin and Jasmine story? Nah!)

In order to fill it right, you can start with some of your biggest achievements so far, with your superior skills, competencies and the results that you have got. Make it stand out of the crowd by putting a video link, introducing yourself. In hospitality, the more creative you’ll be, the more are the chances.



You can just copy paste your experience from your traditional CV, or you may start with writing your designation, your employer name, period and job description with some images and links supporting your experience.

Do you know some people (including me) use the advanced search option to get the right people? By putting title, industry, and location, it will show many results, and if you haven’t optimized it, then you’re perhaps losing a great opportunity to get viewed.


Your Website/Portfolio

If you have a relevant internet site, a blog or a portfolio, then you can put the link in your Contact & Profile Info and the person who will visit your profile can visit your link.


Customize Your Linkedin URL

Are you still using the default URL provided when signed up on LinkedIn? It is how it looks when we use the default URL and when we use the custom one.

Customizing-linkedin-url                             powerful linkedin profile

You can make your own custom URL by just following these simple steps.

  • Go to your profile
  • See the section Contacts & Personal Info
  • Click on the edit option.( Here you will see your site URL, click on it, and it will open your LinkedIn Public Profile Settings.
  • On the right-hand side, you’ll have the option of Edit Public Profile URL.

Click on edit option, and you ca make your custom URL with minimum 5 and maximum 30 letters or numbers. You can’t use space or special characters here.

By customizing the URL, you’re not only making a powerful LinkedIn profile but also making it look more professional and search engine optimized.

Make sure that you are making your profile go public. It means your profile will be visible when a person searches your name or searches the same title you may have on Google or Bing search engines. Select Make my public profile visible to everyone and tick all the options below.


Recommendations & Endorsements

Recommendation and Endorsements work great to let your visitors know more about you but by others. You can get endorsed by your 1st-degree connections on your skills and can ask your manager or your colleague for a recommendation.


Write Article & Share Industry Related Content

Do you love writing on any point related to your professional life? Writing an article would lead you to reach more and more people, and you’ll have more chances to let others know about you.

LinkedIn is Search Engine Optimized and has its own algorithms like Google, and whenever you post an article over there, it soon starts showing in the search engines( Google, Bing,). It increases the visibility of your profile, and I believe you want it.


Join Groups

When you search something on LinkedIn, you see the search results are categorized in six parts. People, Jobs, Posts, Companies, Groups & Schools. You can simply filter your search by using the above categories. There are many groups related to our industry where the influencers, hiring managers and top level management persons are active. And by joining these group you are just improving your chances to be in touch with the right people, and you don’t know a person in a group may come up with a new opportunity for you.


Connect With Relevant People

Without any connections, it’s useless to use LinkedIn. The more relevant connections you have, the better will be the chances of getting hired. But that doesn’t mean that you should start sending each and everyone connection request. Quantity doesn’t matter, what matter is its quality and this formula also implies on LinkedIn. In the beginner stage of LinkedIn, I started to send everyone connection request, some accepted, and some didn’t, but it doesn’t help me even in scheduling an interview.

If your sole purpose is to get a job or any vacancy update, then you must connect with the right person like Human Resources Team or the department you may like to work. Connecting with unrelated persons, outside of your industry will only increase the number. So optimize your connections for your future requirements.


If I have left anything that will help in improving the profile, then I would like to hear from you. Please post your comments below, and I’ll add that point.

Aditya Aman
Hotelier turned SEO Specialist. I love to share experiences that are original and provides somewhat value to the community. Connect with me on LinkedIn and visit to know more.