Hotel Management Internship – Experience of Shubham in UAE

Hotel Management Internship

We all want to experience something new, in a safe environment and where we can learn a lot, and these things motivated Shubham Kumar Singh, a Hotel Management Student to pursue his hotel management internship in The United Arab Emirates. I recently talked to him, and I’m excited to showcase his journey. Let’s learn from him.


Shubham, tell us little about yourself and your college?

First of all, I’d like to thank you for inviting me for an interview. Well, I’m from Ranchi, the hometown of our Captain cool( Mahendra Singh Dhoni). I’m pursuing Bachelor’s degree in Hotel Management & Catering Technology from Birla Institute of Technology, Ranchi. I like to discover new places to hang around and meet new people.


Tell us something about your Hotel Management Internship?

I’m interning with The St. Regis, Abu Dhabi, a luxury collection of Starwood Hotel Group (Marriott). This iconic hotel has 283 rooms and suites and is located in the heart of one of the seven Emirates, Abu Dhabi. Also known as the finest address in Abu Dhabi, this hotel has world’s highest suspended suite, and the picture of it will make you go wow.Hotel Management Internship

Is there any particular department or section in which you’re working?

Yes, I’m a Food & Beverage Service Intern, and I’m working in the all-day dining restaurant.


Could you please describe your role at The St. Regis, Abu Dhabi?

A newborn baby in the hospitality industry and I’m learning each day and implementing some of my theoretical knowledge. But to be honest, it’s entirely different from what we study in the classroom, and this challenges me a lot, and I love to be challenged.

My main responsibilities as a food & beverage intern are:

  • Order taking, Order placing, Setup, Clearance
  • Billing( Micros)
  • Inventory
  • F&B Admin Operations

I love each day as a hotel management intern in the Food & Beverage department, and I even don’t know how six months have passed.


What is your favourite part of working in the operations?

Well, I guess you probably know that operation department of a hotel work 24*7 and according to business need, sometimes the working time extends. But despite being a very busy day at the restaurant, I love to interact with guest and always try to delight their experience beyond their expectations. You know for me the most satisfying moment is when I see the guests are happy with my service.Hotel Management Internship


Did your school arrange your hotel management internship and are you accompanying your friends from your school?

No, I arranged it my own and LinkedIn helped me finding this internship.

Unfortunately, there are no friends from my college, but you need not worry about this because hotel industry is a fun and people-oriented industry, and you will always make new and amazing friends. I have made some good friends who also came as an intern here and they are from Switzerland, Philippines, Holland, China, Portugal. You’ll never find yourself alone in this industry. Not only this but our Operations Manager Mr. Biji John and Mr. Nelonio Khoso, our Assistant Restaurant Manager, they are also very friendly and even instruct like friends.


Did the hotel provide accommodation to the interns?

Yes, the hotel offers shared accommodation, stipend and three meals a day to all of the interns here.


How do you spend your leisure time there?

You’re never short of things to do here in Abu Dhabi. You can go to Dubai by bus just in 25 AED; you can go to Ferrari world, Yas Water world and you know Ferrari world has the fastest roller coaster in the world, and in every two months they provide discounts to the hoteliers. I enjoy a lot here, and I am thinking of going on a Desert safari soon.

Hotel Management Internship

Shubham, it’s nice talking with you and I am happy to learn from your experience. My last question is what piece of advice would you like to give to the students who are looking for Hotel Management Internship?

The hotel industry is amazing, but the industry needs people to be very dedicated and to love what they do. You have to learn from small things and never fear to commit mistakes, you definitely will but that mistakes will become an experience of your own. Don’t go just for money, try to research about the hotel and most important enjoy your time 🙂

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