How to Get Hotel Management Internship Abroad

How to get Hotel Management INTERNSHIP ABROAD

Doing an Internship when studying Hospitality/Hotel Management is the stepping stone to the industry. While most of the schools arrange Internship/Industrial Training for their students, it could be more interesting if you go out of your comfort zone and start finding your own Hotel Management Internship Abroad.


In this post, I will be guiding you on “How to Get Hotel Management Internship Abroad”. Many students were asking me the question on Quora as well as on my Facebook page ( some of them has directly messaged me on my Facebook profile 😀)How to Get an Internship Abroad and I hope I could guide you from my own experience.


When I had to do my internship( still doing😂) that time my school helped everyone in getting an industrial training for 6 months. I was one of those students who denied the opportunity but my lecturers have given a lot of support and I started finding my own Internship. It was never an easy task for me. Since I had no contacts or connections abroad and was in the “Middle of Nowhere”.


Since I have an experience, I can say it might be easy/hard for you to get the internship depending on your profile, it’s never an impossible task. You just have to give your full efforts and prepare and you will be with your amazing opportunity.

So I have divided the whole process of getting Hotel Management Internship Abroad into three parts:

  1. Apply on Hotel Career Websites
  2. Make right connections on LinkedIn
  3. Call the Hotel Directly ( The most effective way)


Let’s begin with the first part which is applying to the vacancies from Hotel Websites. Look for the career page of the particular hotel and start your search. If we take an example of Hyatt Hotels then their career website is and search for “Internships” and apply to that specific job by creating a profile on their career page. This is a simple way and I believe most of us know.

The second thing you can do is your own personal branding by leveraging LinkedIn. Make a robust profile by completing every section and start making connections. But to be honest, if your profile is incomplete or doesn’t have a professional photo then 8 times out of 10 people won’t help you( saying from my own experience).

Try doing some part-time jobs when you have time during college or in the summer/winter break, so you can add some experience on your LinkedIn profile and if you have volunteered some organizations then make sure you add it.

You can actually personalize your every connection so that the chances to get your request accepted will be more than just sending connections to anyone.

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The last and the most effective way, I would say is contacting each and every hotel and getting leads from them and then start selling your self ( by selling I mean sending our CV and Cover Letter to them). Many hotels do not post their internships online and there could be a good chance for you to land an internship very easily and shortly.

So before you start calling hotels here are my few checklists for you:

  1. Make a list of Countries/Cities that you want to work( Be realistic and only opt for those countries where your passport can get a work/intern visa)
  2. Once the country is in your mind, make a list of 50 hotels in that city/country
  3. Keep a pen and paper always with you( Some of the HR will ask you do you have pen and paper handy with you? And if you will say, No I don’t, then trust me it’s gonna have a very bad image of yourself to the HR personnel)
  4. Get a VOIP service or use WeChat Out to make IDD call, it’s pretty cheap and if you have a good connection then it will go smooth.( Here’s a redeemable code for you U8LX2, if you are using WeChat Out for the first time. If you will use this code so both us will get HK $8)
  5. Now you’re all good at hunting your dream internship.


When you will call the hotel, the call will be received either by Hotel Front Desk Personnel or by the Operator. Here you can just tell them you wanted to talk with the Human Resources team and they will help you by transferring your call to the HR department. Now, when the call has been received by a person from HR. Start selling your self in a very professional way and get the leads( emails) so that you will be following up with them by sending your CV & Cover Letter.

For example on how you can talk to the HR department, I have uploaded an Audio so you can take help from that.


Once you have sent your profile to the perspective employers, wait and follow up and meanwhile prepare for basic interview questions.


I hope you will get your dream internship soon and if you have any doubt and queries then don’t wait, shoot your queries in the comment box and connect with me on LinkedIn.

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