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There’s no doubt that the Hospitality & Tourism industry is going through a hard time now. But as soon as travel starts, the hotel and hospitality industry will boast again. A lot of people are interested in the hospitality industry. While some try to work their way up by working in reputed hotels and resorts, some want to be trained before they get to the industry. That is why the hotel management course is becoming important. Anyone who wants to make a mark in the industry needs to understand the fundamentals first and other aspects. The term “Hotel Management Course” may seem familiar, but there are many aspects of the course that people still don’t know about.

India is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. It receives millions of tourists from around the world every year. In 2019 about 10.89 million foreign tourists visited India that contributed to INR 2.2 Lakh Crore. The growth of the tourism sector has given the hospitality industry a boost to do much better. Even the government is encouraging and investing in this industry. The hotel management industry is an integral part of the booming hospitality industry, and it is offering career opportunities to youngsters in India as well as abroad.


What is a hotel management course?

A hotel management course is a specific degree provided by a university or a business school in the field of hotel management. This course enables the person to run or manage a hotel, resort, motel, or a lodging establishment. Hotel Management staffs have several duties, for example, the general manager is someone who presides over the system of the hotel. However, there are many subsidiary managerial positions under him who help him run the hotel.

The hotel manager himself can’t take care of the entire communication, check-in, check-out, catering process, the revenue, the guest satisfaction, the business management, and the sales management. A person who studies hotel management has many job possibilities where he/she can work in:

  • Kitchen Management
  • Hospitality Administration and Catering
  • Club Management
  • Cruise Ship Hotel Management
  • Hotel and Tourism Associations
  • Hospitality Services in the Indian Navy
  • Merchant Navy
  • Forest Lodges
  • Guest Houses & Resorts
  • Airline Catering (Inflight Kitchen) and Cabin Services
  • Catering Departments of Railways, Banks, Armed Forces, Shipping companies, etc.
  • Hospitality Services in various MNCs
  • Work as an Entrepreneur

A person can choose which area of the industry they are interested in and then pursue it. It may be the front-desk job, catering, or the business part. The great thing about the hotel management is students have their share of interest to pick from. There are various parts of the business, which require specialized studies. Hotel management courses teach students multiple facets of the industry, starting from catering to marketing, here are the main aspects in which hotel management students are trained.

  1. How to handle the Front Office/ Reception
  2. House Keeping
  3. Food Production & Beverage Services (Catering Industry)
  4. Public Relations
  5. Marketing
  6. Accounting
  7. Human Resources

People who want to pursue a career in hotel management are often worried about whether they are eligible or not. Hotel management course is one of the most liberal courses out there; anyone who is interested in the industry can take it up. There are various courses in the hotel management industry that will suit everyone’s needs.

Types of Hotel Management courses

There are four types of hotel management courses that one can pursue.

  • Post Graduate in Hotel Management (MBA, MSc)
  • Undergraduate in Hotel Management (BBA, BHM)
  • Diploma in Hotel Management (DHM)
  • Certificate course in Hotel Management (Certificate)

Certificate course in Hotel Management

A certificate course is easy to get from any university or business school. One can apply for a certificate course after completing their 10+2 studies. The duration of certificate courses may vary from 3-6 months. By the end of it, students receive certificates given out by the institutions acknowledging their training. However, certificate courses do not carry much weight and have more of a decorative purpose on the resume. Anyone who wants to make a serious career out of the hotel management industry needs to do a better course like graduation or diploma. But there are certificate courses on specializations, which can be beneficial.

Diploma in Hotel Management

Students who have completed their 10th exams can apply for a diploma in hotel management. The duration of the course may vary from 6-24 months. There are various types of diploma courses which offer specializations. A student can do specialization in Aviation, Ground Staff and crew training, Food Production, Bakery & Confectionery, Front Office Operation, Food & Beverage Service. For a diploma course, a student has to study subjects like Communication Skills, Management Principles, Food Production, Marketing Management, etc.

Other than the diploma course, students can also do a Post Graduate Diploma in Hotel Management. Here they will have similar specializations to choose from, like Accommodation Operation & Management, Dietetics & Hospital Food Service, hospitality Management. They will have related subjects as found in Diploma courses like Front Office Management, Financial Management, Food Production, Beverage Operations, Human Resource Management.

However, The postgraduate diploma courses tend to be a tad bit longer than the standard diploma courses. There are some colleges at the state level that will provide admission to diploma programs based on marks scored in state-level diploma entrance exams. So anyone who wants to do a diploma in hotel management has to clear these state-level entrance tests.

Under Graduate courses in Hotel management

Students who want to make a living out of their profession in Hotel management can take admission in the three years of undergraduate courses in hotel management. However, it is not so easy to enroll in undergraduate hotel management courses. For a student to be eligible for the course, he/she must have passed the 12th board exams with an aggregate of 50%. And for the BHM program, the student is bound to clear the NCHMCT JEE.

Here are the various undergraduate courses in hotel management a student can choose from – BHM (Bachelors’s degree in hotel management), Bachelor of Hotel Management and Catering Technology (BHMCT), BBA in Hotel Management, BA (Hons) in Hotel Management, BA in Culinary Arts, Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Hotel Management, Bachelor of Catering Technology & Culinary Arts (BCT & CA). All these courses have a three-year duration and include training in subjects that are relevant to the course.

For example, students of BHM are taught subjects like Front Office, Food Science & Nutrition, Housekeeping & Laundry operations, Food and Beverage Service and Fundamentals of Management, and students of BBA in hotel management are taught subjects like Hospitality Management, Marketing Management, Financial Management, and Housekeeping Operations. Various courses offer different specializations as well.

Post Graduate Courses in Hotel Management

To be eligible for the postgraduate courses in hotel management, one has to score a minimum of 45%. The basis of selection in many universities is through entrance exams. While undergraduate courses train a student in the basics of the industry, postgraduate courses focus more on the managerial side of the business. So, students who want to be general managers, and crave higher positions in the hospitality industry must do the postgraduate courses in hotel management.

Here are the postgraduate courses available in hotel management, MSc in Hotel Management, Master of Hotel Management (MHM), Master of Tourism and Hotel Management (MTHM), MBA in Hotel Management, MBA in Hospitality Management. These post-graduation courses are more suitable for experienced people who want to add eight to their resume. Anyone aiming for top managerial positions in the hospitality industry must take some time and complete these courses based on their aim.

What is the best course in Hotel Management?

After reading about all these courses, many students get confused about what to opt for. It all depends on three main factors – Your qualification, Finances, and the Future.

Your qualification will determine which type, of course, you can study. Whether it will be a diploma, under graduation or post-graduation, it will be decided by your qualification and area of interest. Secondly, finances are also an essential factor that will help you choose a particular course. If a student does not have the funds to cover him/her for a Bachelor’s course, then the student can choose a diploma course. Thirdly, before selecting a course, a student must research about the facet of the industry they are interested in. It will give them an idea about what is the right choice for the future.

Indian Institute of Hotel Management aka. IHMs and other universities offer three years degree program, and AICTE approved colleges offer four years degree program. These courses enrich students in a practical as well as a theoretical way, but the cost of study in these programs is high. Most of the students in India are not be able to afford the course. However, there is an alternative option -Bachelor of Vocation (B. VOC.).UGC introduced it in 2011. A B.Voc in Hotel Management will cost around INR 100000 /-Per year, as compared to the traditional course that will amount to INR 117883/- per year. So, anyone who does not have the money to spare can do a B.Voc course in hotel management.

If you want to earn a specialization in a department, then it is better to take Craft Courses or Diploma Courses. These programs focus on one particular Department, like Food Production or Bakery and Confectionery or Food and Beverage Service or Front Office or Accommodation Operation, etc. It will help you to develop specialist skills in a particular department. These are 1-2 year courses that are a viable option for experienced workers or graduates.

Why choose hotel management as a career?

Hotel management is an industry that does not pay as high as other industries. But there are roles in the industry that can pay a whole lot of money. Hotel management has a lot of perks, from international exposure to honing your creative skills. But other than the obvious, why should you choose the hotel management industry over others? Here are the reasons why hotel management may be a good choice for you.

Diverse work culture

People who work in the hotel management industry encounter new aspects of the business every day. They meet new guests; they can work for an independent hotel or a hotel chain. Moreover, they can work in a busy city, or an exotic coastal location. There is nothing standard about the work in the hotel management sector, and there is always something exciting in store for the employees.

Advanced Training programmes

Students who have enrolled in reputed business schools and universities often get the chance to attend advanced training programmes. These training programmes are like trial runs for the students, who get the first-hand experience of how a hotel runs. The students get field experience and assimilate knowledge. Training programs are often run by popular hotel chains like Oberoi, ITC, and Taj. They run management training programmes which provide the perfect confluence of classroom studies and job training experience. After completion of the programme, students get placed at the respective chains at a junior management level. Advanced training programmes give a considerable boost and advance the students’ careers by 5 to 7 years. These training programmes not only give them practical knowledge but also secure their positions in highly reputed hotels.

Become your own boss

The hospitality sector is one of the most profitable. Someone who has a plan in mind, and puts in hard work can become successful in the industry. Many students grab the opportunity to go through training programmes and work for famous hotels. However, if that does not suit you, you always have the option of opening your own business. But students who dream that high must also have the capital to invest in the business. Hotel management courses give the students an idea about how to run a business. So, if you dream of owning a business someday, then the hospitality industry is not a bad choice.

Ranging Working Hours

If you don’t like working in the same shift all around the year then this industry has something to offer. You aren’t supposed to work at the same time every day; you get different shifts. Moreover, you can ask someone to cover for you if resources allow. Working in different shifts can be challenging but a lot of people love working in the evening shift and enjoy their day time.

What are the career opportunities in the hotel management sector?

The hospitality industry has seen steady development in recent years. Hotel management jobs are diverse and in demand. But to make the right choice in specialization, one must know which areas of the sector are going to be profitable.

Lodging and Accommodation

Lodging and Accommodation have been one of the most popular sectors of employment in the hospitality industry. There are exciting possibilities of working for high-end hotels, luxurious resorts, and even adventurous tents. The great thing about the lodging industry is you can choose from various routes – guest services, housekeeping, human resource management as well as sales management.

Travel and Tourism

The travel industry is one of the most crucial parts of the hospitality industry. It is a high revenue generator segment, and it also employs many people. Moreover, the payment in this sector is great. That is why doing a hotel management course in tourism can be of immense benefit. There is also scope to shift abroad and travel.

Event Management

Event management is a forerunner of the hospitality industry. Recently this sector is generating a lot of buzz, and there are many event managers out there. However, having a degree in event management will make you more qualified in the business. It may be a lot of work, but the money is excellent. You have to organize weddings, conferences, concerts, fundraisers, theatre productions, etc. If you don’t have your own business, then you can take on the roles offered in the event management sector like – venue manager, house manager, production manager, and event manager.

Food and Beverage

Food and Beverage is one of the most underrated sectors of hotel management. But the professionals in this sector are the highest paid in the industry. It is a wonder that students don’t pay more attention to this sector. There are positions like kitchen manager, lead chefs, restaurant managers, bar managers, catering supervisors, etc. that they can take up. Food and Beverage sector is gaining momentum because of the budding gastronomy. Now, more than ever, this sector shows real potential.

Advantages of studying hotel management

In the last decade, India did not pay much attention to the hospitality industry. To be blunt, it was lagging in the tourism sector as compared with other countries. But now, with the dormant potential coming to life, there are diverse career opportunities for students. Here are the benefits which hotel management students enjoy.

Global Exposure

People with regular desk jobs seldom get the opportunity to meet foreign clients. It only happens if they occupy a prominent position in the office, which apparently takes years to achieve. In hotel management, students not only get the opportunity to meet new people every day, but they can also apply for jobs abroad and get international exposure.

Become creative

Hotel management students are trained to be quick and responsive. They need to be quick on their feet and be master troubleshooters. Students who go ahead and take up positions in hotel management become creative because they learn to solve problems uniquely. They deal with clients every day, and the challenges broaden their minds.

Higher Growth Opportunity

Harvard Business Review had mentioned that growth opportunity should be one of the factors used to decide a career option. Hotel management provides ample room for the mental, physical, and financial growth of a person. It is one of the many reasons why people want to enter the industry. Other than that, your employability is high. It means the chances of you getting hired are high. People in the hotel management industry have excellent communication skills and critical thinking. The more skilled you are, the higher the chances of employment.

Job Security

Because of the growing tourism and travel industry, the hospitality industry is also seeing its golden days. It means that you will never be out of a job. There will always be something new and exciting present. Hotel management students will never be out of jobs.


Hotel management is an exciting industry. No one day at work will be similar. You will meet new people, face new challenges. On top of that, you will be one of the highest-paid individuals in the industry(if you have a managerial role). Global exposure, great pay, and not a dull day- all these are the perks a hotel management student can enjoy once they land a job.

Future of Hotel Management Industry

As mentioned earlier, a decade ago, India did not have a flourishing tourism sector. But now, thanks to advertisements and promotions, India is an exotic destination for many. As the tourism industry grows, the hospitality industry profits from it. Hundreds of hotels are sprouting every day; these hotels need professionals to manage the hotels.

However, hotel management is not restricted to hotels now. It involves catering, clubs, food and beverage industry, resorts, airlines, cruise and many, more. The broadening of the industry has opened up many career opportunities for students, who can choose whatever profession interests them.

In this era of social media, everyone knows what to expect from a hotel. Earlier, rooms were not distinguished, the menu was not particular, and the management wasn’t up to the mark. But now, rooms are divided into standard, classic, and luxury; the menu of in-house restaurants is explicit, and the management and customer service is of utmost importance. It shows how long way the hotel management industry has come. Now, hotels depend on customer ratings and feedback. It is a proactive way to manage.

The future of the hotel management industry looks promising. Students who are thinking about studying hotel management can rest assured they will have a secure and prosperous future.

The goal of the Hotel Management Industry

The primary aim of the hospitality industry is to serve its customers. A hotel management student learns how to anticipate the customer’s needs. Moreover, the student learns to pay attention to detail and deal with customers with warmth and concern.

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