Gurpartap Singh Rooms Divison Management Trainee

Gurpartap Singh Rooms Divison Management Trainee
Graduated from Institute of Hotel Management Aurangabad,¬†Gurpartap Singh Rooms Divison Management Trainee shared his experience that’s not only valuable but inspiring too. Well, in a country like India, where pursuing a course is not only your choice but also a matter of pride for the family members, choosing Hospitality was never easy for Gurpartap. But his dedication, hard work, and passion changed his career path and now he is sailing in a boat of world’s largest hotel company.

Being a student of Taj Hospitality Group he was exposed to one of their luxury property in his very initial project and had a great time there. Here are few excerpts from his interview with

CareerPolice: What inspired you to join Hospitality?

Gurpartap: I was inspired to join the industry because it is one of the most dynamic and fastest in terms of growth. Here we are dealing with human beings and in order to give them the best experience we have to strive and it becomes very challenging. That makes it even more interesting.

CareerPolice: Can you please tell us about your previous Internships?

Gurpartap: Previously I did mine on the job training with The Taj group of hotels in different departments. It was my first exposure to the industry. It was fun and there were many things we deal with, many things you learn those which are missed in the classrooms.

CareerPolice: What motivated you to join Marriott’s Voyager Program? Do you think Marriott’s Voyager is one of it’s kind and how would you differentiate it with your other Internships?

Gurpartap: I joined the program because of its reputation and it is managed by the world’s largest hospitality company.

Yes, of course, Marriott’s the Voyage program is one of it’s kind compared to the programs. The program is planned in such a way that prepares you for the best and better opportunities.

CareerPolice: You have studied at IHM-A, how do you think its different from the other top-notch IHM’s( I mean the Govt. Ones)?

Gurpartap: Institute of Hotel Management, Aurangabad aka IHM-A is the best institute in the country for hotel management. The institute is totally different from the other IHMs. Writing from my experience, I also went to the IHM which is managed by NCHMCT. The standard and class of IHM-A are far more superior. The institute has two international degrees to choose from BA Hons. Hotel Management and BA Hons. Culinary arts. The way of teaching and the support provided by the faculty is just what one can’t expect.

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CareerPolice: When you were at hotel school, can you please tell us how did you manage your study and life?

Gurpartap: It’s pretty simple to balance study and life. Studying is the sole purpose once you are at the institute. There are other things which fall in place. At the institute, you get all the support required to complete the assignments. The other things can be done during leisure time. What matters is balancing them which depends on every individual.

CareerPolice: How did you apply for the Voyager Program? Was the interview hard and what kind of questions did they ask you?

Gurpartap: It was a campus placement where I got selected. As I mentioned earlier basic questions are asked from ones Curriculum Vitae. There is no such thing as an interview being hard or easy. It is just the way you perceive it to be. I found the interview to be really interesting.

Questions were pretty basic ones. There are other things which are observed such as way & level of communication, confidence, nature and much more.

CareerPolice: If someone is preparing for Management Trainee Programme, then what would be your advice to them?

Gurpartap: My advice to all the people those who will be joining the industry is to be open-minded. Dude! get that ego out of the picture. And get ready to face all which comes your way. The rest will fall in its place as you go through.

CareerPolice: What are your future goals and how do you think you can achieve them?

Gurpartap: My goal is to head a hotel. I have planned my tasks in a way which will help me to achieve it.

CareerPolice: What advice you have for the future students and why they should join Hospitality?

Gurpartap: Hospitality is a multi-billion industry which is growing very fast. Guys, this field is just amazing and challenging. Dealing with humans makes it interesting every single day. Having said that, it also gives you an opportunity to be in a management or a very responsible role at a very young age and appreciates your hard work with recognition.

I strongly support Gurpartap for his comment on being out of ego, because this industry needs service and in order to serve you mustn’t have any ego. Despite all the challenges that the roles provide in this field, working in a hotel chain like, Marriott would be an amazing and invaluable experience.

If you would have any questions or queries about Management Training or Internships in Hotel, don’t be shy and just hit the comment button. Go one step ahead and say Hi, to Gurpartap on LinkedIn and connect with him. Meet you in a very next post!

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