Golden Threshold Program-Taj Hotels, Hotel Management Program


Taj Hotels has introduced the “Golden Threshold Program”, a hospitality programme for students who have recently completed their 10+2 exams.

Golden Threshold Program is an excellent opportunity for those students who haven’t applied for NCHM JEE and are wishing to join Hotel Management.

There are very few on-job-training programmes, and Taj Hotels recently dived into one of them.

By joining Golden Threshold Program, the student will get on the job training with one of the hotels of Taj Group and will be learning concepts and theories from one of the renowned institutes of India, Tata Institute of Social Sciences (School of Vocational Education)


  • Career opportunities for students who have completed 10+2 education
  • Three years of Vocational Educational Program
  • On-The-Job training by Taj Hotels
  • B-Voc Degree [ Bachelor of Vocation in Hotel Management]
  • Taj Scholarships for all selected students( The hotel will provide stipend which will cover the nominal fee of TISS, and you will enjoy some pocket money)


The Program:

  • Combination of broad-based education & practical training
  • Six semesters over three years
  • Structured theory by Tata Institute of Social Sciences
  • On-the-job training in Taj Hotels

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How To Get Admission?

Eligibility Criteria: Successful completion of or in the process of completing Class XII

Starts in the month of July 2019

Clear Pass in Each Subject

Between 17 and 21 years of age as on 1st July

In addition to the above, Taj Hotels is looking for students who are:

  • Pleasant Personality
  • Proficiency in Written and Spoken Communication in English
  • Service Oriented
  • Logical Reasoning Abilities
  • Outgoing, Elegant & Sociable


Benefits of Golden Threshold Program:

  • B-Voc Degree in Hotel Management after Six Semesters
  • Opportunities for careers inTaj Hotel
  • Options to join Hotelier Development Program( Flagship Management Training Program of Taj)


There are reservation criteria as below:

  • SC   15%
  • ST    5%
  • OBC 27%
  • Kashmiri Migrants & Armed Forces Seats are also available


How To Apply:

  • Send an application letter to [email protected]
  • Please mention personal details with achievements in academics & extracurricular activities
  • Selection Interviews will be held in June 2017.

Recommendation from for personal details and accomplishments and co-curricular activities, please make a CV and then submit your application.

Learn more about TISS.

Still in doubt?

Ask them directly [email protected] or Comment down below.

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66 thoughts on “Golden Threshold Program-Taj Hotels, Hotel Management Program”

  1. Sir, As per the details i have sent you mail , mail consist of all my profile details . I want to know when i get to know my interview date?, so that i can be assure.

    1. Hi, Raj You have to wait for the email of Taj Hotels. They are responsible for conducting interviews. As per the detail provided by The Taj Group, they will start taking interviews from June. So, be ready for the interview and prepare well. All the Best!

  2. Can foreign nationals who are residents of india and have completed their class 10th and class12th from india itself , apply for this course?

    1. Dear Aisha
      Thank You for your Inquiry.

      Certainly who are resident of India they can apply for this course.
      May I know that the person is permanent resident of India or He/she is on visa.
      If He/she is on visa then what is the category of visa?

      Thnak you

    1. Hi Ritika, Have you sent your application to them? My apologies for the inconvenience but I came to know that today is the last date for application. If you haven’t sent your application yet, then send them soon today itself.

    1. See this is a totally new program so it is quite tough to know what they will ask. First of all, don’t go the interview venue in casuals get formal for yourself. Try to know yourself better, because they would like to know who you are and why you’re there and only you know this answer. Be yourself and if your English is good, then I think you will not face more difficulties.

      1. I guess i had applied before 16 because i got a reply to my aplication that i need to give them more information about myself bt after giving the information i ddnt get any reply

        1. Please wait for their email and if they don’t reply you in a week or so then kindly follow up with them.

  3. Sir i send particulars on 22nd June I saw in a news paper date will extended up to June last it is true or not

  4. Sir I have read in the newspaper saying that there is a one year course at take on hotel management. But I did not find it on the page, is there any other process or site .

    1. Hi Vedin Could you please elaborate. Actually, I didn’t understand what you are saying. Please contact me I would like to help!

      1. I have applied myself for the diploma course and i have received the mail. Later on when i mailed them back regarding the interview dates, I was asked which region I have chosen.
        In my application I haven’t mentioned anything about the region. So what should i do now??

  5. Hello sir , I am abhiram thanks for the information you have provided as jagadeesh said the news regarding admission has come in various newspapers like Hindu and Eenadu on June 25th but any way I applied for it but I am not sure about the deadline. I’ve got a reply saying admissions for northern region are completed , sir could you confirm it whether they are accepting the applications or not .

  6. I would like to know what is the job profile and Hiw much they will charge and for how many hours will they teach everyday??

    1. Dear Pooja the whole course is sponsored and they will teach for 9 hours a day and may be sometimes longer than that.

      1. Hlo sir, Sorry to disturb un actually i hve cmpleted my 12th stndrd, and i also wnt to be a prt of 3years on job duty ptogram provided by the The Taj Group.pls help me with ur infor.Thankyou

  7. Hello,
    I’m Shreya, I have sent mail to the given email but they didn’t reply me yet. So please may I know the interview dates and other details.

  8. I received a mail admissions for delhi region is over.then what about remaining regions when will be the interview dates

  9. Best Blog I have ever seen in India. Everyone just are providing wrong information but here it is best for hotel management students

  10. Neelashish Chatterjee

    Please help me out, The Golden Threshold Program which is offered by Taj Hotels is basically on the job training ,so later on when I will join another hotel after the completion of program, so will this 3 years in Taj be considerd as a professional work experience over there?

    1. Dear Neelashish, Thank you for reaching out! Yes this would be considered as your professional experience but does’t mean the company would hire you as a Manager, since you will still be a recent grad. Hope it helps. Cheers!

      1. Neelashish Chatterjee

        Thank you for replying sir, One final question, If I opt for MBA from IIMs after completion of GTP, so will it be considered as a work experience over there?


        Dear Aditya,

        My daughter wants to join this course.

        I would like to know, whether the Degree provided after completion of 3 years course is equivalent to B. Sc. H. M. (Mumbai University) and B. Sc. H. M. by IHM or higher / lower.

  11. Hi..sir.Shreya here ,I just wanted to know that what are the chances for getting admission in Golden threshold program for those who are waiting for class 12 results 2018..Thanks.

  12. Hello Sir,
    I want to know about the selection process for better preparation.
    Will you please tell me the selection process

  13. Sir, although it’s a on job plus training, so what about the pay scale and accommodation after the selection in Taj and TISS golden threshold programme

  14. benaifer bodhanwalla

    We couldn’t meet anyone personally to ask this.ineed to know whether the trainees are also trained in production line like culinary, bakery etc.

  15. Sir, I had filled the TAJ “Golden Threshold Program” but I didn’t get any notification for confirmation, I want to know that I had completed the application procedure or not?

  16. Please tell me when will the taj hotel organiz interview date and even application form please tell me I need this info. It’s 2019’s application form.

  17. Anmol Engandula

    Applicants, please be warned. This is a scam Taj Hotels runs to get cheap labour for their hotels, especially the Bangalore based Taj West End program. The hotel treats the students like bonded labour and the subjects them to absolutely abusive treatment. The L&D heads, especially at Taj West End-Bangalore, Naina Khanna, is least bothered about the plight of the students and enforces her will in the most autocratic & inhumna way possible. There also no responsibility for this taken by either TISS or Taj Hotels. So, please enroll at your own risk.

    1. Hi Anmol, my bad for responding late. I have published your comment because of freedom of voice while I know there could be other things around, but still, if it’s right then people need to take care of and those who treat people like shit, they should be treated the same way.

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