An Insider’s Review On Hotel Management Training


So you’re thinking of how is it like to do the training or an internship in hotels?

Well, doing an internship is an integral part of the hotel management curriculum, and it must be successfully done to get certified from the employer. Not only training is an invaluable experience, but you can also change your designation from an intern or trainee to a full-time employee.

Hotels and some Quick Service Restaurants offer internships in their operational departments for a period ranging from 2 to 6 months. Some of the hotels allow student trainees in their admin departments like Sales & Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Purchase or in Security department while most of the hotels stick to the core operational departments which are Food & Beverage( Production & Service), housekeeping and in Front Office.

While few of the hotels can accommodate you to a single section depending on the need of your course, others rotate the candidate to all of the departments to make sure that the candidate gets the best learning experience from it.

As you might know, the hotel never sleeps, you have to work in shifts like Morning, Afternoon, Evening or even Swing Shift( Break Shift). Also depending upon the business need the hotel may put you to any section. The training is tough and too rigorous but despite all, it is the real experience, and it will prepare you to handle the busy needs of a hotel.

The candidate has to work for 9 hours a day and six days a week, but this is just a figure. Some of the students report that they have to work for 12 hours a day and the students in the kitchen and the banquets have more extended hours of work. Sure, it will not be a bed of roses for you or anyone, but it shapes a boy to be an hotelier, and you will become a go-getter.

The hotel you’ll join for your internship have their own policies and groomimg standards. Try noting them on your pocket diary and abide to thier standards & policies. The more you make yourself confident and presentable the more you’ll have the opportunity to handle a guest.

It is a bitter fact that some of the students find it challenging and can’t bear its toughness and they quit their training. Most of the hoteliers and the current students who just have completed internships will tell you that never quit because it is just a phase of your hotel life and we are lucky that we get such a personalised training. If you don’t like the culture of a hotel and its working, don’t worry you will have tonnes of opportunities just after you graduate.

It is certain that you will commit lots of mistakes in your training phase but instead of being demoralized you have to motivate your self. Talk to your manager or superviser that where I am going wrong? What should I do to improve myself on that part? They will certainly be happy to help you out and you know it is a very good quality to ask for feedback. So go ask them.

The main purpose of any training is to make the person understandale of what the business is and it is no different in our industry. The semesters you complete learning in your class will have no use if you don’t understand it practically. You have practiced hundreds of situation & complaint handling, but the real scenario will be totally different. That time the person has to use his/her presence of mind.

As of human tendency, we get attracted to our peers and because of this in-built quality you will soon find friends from the other trainees. The training itself is a an exciting part and it ends with lot of learning. The best way to keep yourself motivated during training is to be confident and pretend that you are a full-time employee. Keep this in mind and sure you will find yourself growing.

Aditya Aman
Hotelier turned SEO Specialist. I love to share experiences that are original and provides somewhat value to the community. Connect with me on LinkedIn and visit to know more.